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System Requirements

Below is the list of system requirements:

Module Installation

The Paypal Multi IPN installation is very simple. The following steps will guide you through the process:

* Before starting the installation please check that you have all system requirements listed above "System Requirements"


  • Unzip the zip file contents to a folder on your computer
  • Rename the "upload" folder with a name that you agree and that is hard to guess (to avoid curious !) Example : PayPal-123456
  • Edit the "/PayPal-123456/config/configuration.php" file.
    • Replace the value of the "$config['licenseKey']" variable value by your license key.
    • Replace the value of the "$config['adminEmail']" variable value by the administrator email.
    • Replace the email address "" and the domain "" by the email address and the URL on wish you witch receive the IPN notification for this email address.
    • ...
  • Upload the "PayPal-123456" folders in your hosting space - if you encounter problems, try upload in binary mode.


PayPal Configuration

Finally, in your PayPal account set the IPN URL to the "PayPal-123456/callback/index.php" file, example :

That's it, you can now use a multiples sites with your PayPal IPN.