OVH Servers Manager:Configuring the automatic sending of mails

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Configuring the automatic sending of mails

We will see in this tutorial how to set automatic sending of email received by OVH following a reinstallation, reboot the hardware and the Switching to Received, or WinRescue vKVM.

Redirecting emails to the module

  • You have to first create an email address on your host server (the one on which one is your WHMCS install), example:
User: OVH-user
Email address:
  • It must then redirect all emails received by the address to the module:
  • Connect with SSH or SFTP to your server and open the file "/etc/aliases" with your favorite editor (nano, vim etc. ..)
  • Add the following line:
ovh-user: "| php-q /YOURWHMCSFOLDER/modules/addons/ovh/pipe.php"

You can add an emergency address by separating with a comma like this:

ovh-user: "| php-q /YOURWHMCSFOLDER/modules/addons/ovh/pipe.php",
  • Save changes.
  • Run the command:/usr/bin/newaliases

Here now all emails sent to will be redirected to the module.

Configuring email templates

Go to Configuration >> Modules Addon >> OVH Serveurs Manager >> Email Templates

Edit the templates like in the image below :


Configuring the contact address OVH

  • In your manager OVH Technical Contact go to: Home > Administration > Settings > Personal Information
  • Replace the email with the address set previously:
  • Replace "language exchange" by French or English
  • Save the settings

Sends automatic email is now configured.


Please ensure that the "dedicated IP" in "Clients Profile >> Produits/Services" as illustrated in the image below :